Area 1: Food scraps collections expanding to include green waste

Area 1 is bounded by Nicholson, Park, Gipps and Vere.


Your weekly trial food scraps collection is expanding to include both food scraps and green waste from Tuesday 4 September.

We’ll be providing you with a new 120 litre bin for your food and green waste, and collecting it from your front kerb on Tuesday each week.

Important: During the trial your standard rubbish collection will shift to a fortnightly schedule. So there will be a standard rubbish collection on 4 September and the next one will be on 18 September. Your standard rubbish collection will then continue on a fortnightly basis.

Dates to remember

Tuesday 28 August 

  • Delivery of new 120 litre food and green waste bin

Tuesday 4 September 

  • First weekly food and green waste collection
  • Final weekly rubbish collection

Tuesday 11 September

  • Second weekly food and green waste collection

Tuesday 18 September

  • First fortnightly rubbish collection
  • Third weekly food and green waste collection

Learn more

In person: Pop-up session at Gahans Reserve, Abbotsford (10am to 12pm on Saturday 1 September)

Email: (subject: Food Know How)

Phone: 9205 5555

Share your success

We’re looking for people to share their food and green waste hints, tips and successes with the community. Take a photo and we’ll share it through our webpage and social media channels. Tag us on Instagram or Facebook, or email us at (subject: Food Know How).

Your questions answered

What can I put in my new food and green waste bin?
All garden ‘yes and no’ list.

What happens to my food and green waste after it is collected?
It will be turned into compost to be used on Victorian farms to make the soil healthy and drought resistant. By reducing the volume of waste going to landfill, you will be helping to minimise greenhouse gas emissions.

Why is my standard rubbish collection switching to fortnightly?
The food and green waste bin can accommodate about 50% of household waste, reducing how often a standard collection is needed. You’ll be helping to test a new approach to waste minimisation in Yarra.

What happens if my food and green waste bin gets a ‘contaminated’ sticker?
Food and green waste bins containing contaminated materials cannot be recycled into compost. If you receive a contamination sticker, please remove the contaminating items from the bin. You can then contact us for advice on 9205 5555 or wait until your next weekly collection.

How do I order a replacement food and green waste bin?
Please email us at (subject: request new food and green waste bin).

What can I do to stop my bin from smelling?
Reduce odours by keeping your bin out of the sun and lining it with leaves, grass or newspaper. Keep smelly items such as meat and fish in the freezer until the night before collection and occasionally sprinkle in some bicarbonate of soda.

How long will the trial run?
The trial will run until at least April 2019. Depending on the outcome, information gathered may be used to improve and expand the program.

What properties are involved in the trial?
This expanded trial involves 700 households, with a mix of single dwellings and units, spread across Abbotsford.