Shop Smart

How can I shop smart to reduce food waste? 

  1. Make a meal plan
  2. Write a list and stick to it
  3. Shop locally and in-season

Use our Smart Shopping Tips when you get ready to go to the shops.

  • When making your meal plan and shopping list always check what is already in your fridge or pantry before hitting the shops.
  • Prepare your list based on your meal plan and stick to your list when you’re in the store.
  • Don’t be tempted by ‘special’ offers or go shopping when you’re hungry — you’ll come back with more than you need.

 Food Know How broccoli at market

Following these steps will:


  1. help save you money
  2. reduce the amount of times you need to go to the shops
  3. reduce dinner time stress
  4. help you maintain a diverse and balanced diet
  5. reduce the amount of time you spend shopping.

 Food Know How hands chopping veggies with kitchen caddy