Plan smart


Why should I plan what I eat?  

People often purchase and cook more food than they eat.

Planning your portions right is the key to reducing the amount of food you throw out.

Not only does this help cut down on the quantity of food that ends up uneaten in your bin, it can also save you money by reducing the amount of food you buy.

How do I plan what I eat? 

1) Use our weekly menu planner

Use our weekly menu planner to put together a menu and shopping list.

This will help ensure you buy exactly what you need for the meals you are going to cook to save you spending money on unnecessary and impulse purchases.

This helps you capture your favourite meals and translate them into a shopping list that can be easily accessed on a mobile device, printed out, or e-mailed to someone on the go.

Meal planning also helps make shopping easier so you can spend more time enjoying cooking and eating!

2) Use a meal planner

Use a meal planner for great cooking ideas and to take the stress out of food planning.

Our feature meal planner has a collection of recipes designed to make your cooking week simple and tasty.

Themes include seasonal produce and making the most of leftovers.